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Extensively studied, Creatine Monohydrate has been shown to optimize performance through increases in strength, anaerobic capacity, and lean muscle mass. DYNAMIC PURSUIT’S micronized version is designed to be highly soluble to promote rapid absorption, maximizing bioavailability and benefits. 

Customer Reviews

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Alex Clark
My favorite creatine!

No bloating and isn’t gritty like others I’ve used!

Great product

I really love the creative. You can put it in any beverage and you can’t taste it. I highly recommend it.

Jolene Valle

Seems to do the trick and that’s what I need.


The absolute best creatine! No bloat, easy to mix in whatever you want!

Jami Blackburn
Amazing products!

Love all the items, and love how fast the items arrive! Such a great company!


Creatine supplementation increases your muscles’ phosphocreatine stores. 

Phosphocreatine aids the formation of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the key molecule your cells use for energy and all basic life functions.

During exercise, ATP is broken down to produce energy.

The rate of ATP resynthesis limits your ability to continually perform at maximum intensity, as you use ATP faster than you reproduce it.

Since creatine supplementation increases your phosphocreatine stores, it allows you to produce more ATP energy to fuel your muscles. This extra fuel can contribute to an increased capacity to perform high-intensity exercise allowing you to push harder and heavier for longer in the gym. Properly utilizing this increased ability will make strength and muscle gains essentially inevitable


Who Should Use Take Creatine?

Adults looking tooptimize physical performance through increases in strength, anaerobic capacity, and lean muscle mass. Creatine offers a slew of benefits outside of the gym as well such as supporting brain health, bone mineral density, memory function, and quality of life. As always, check with your doctor before adding any supplements to your regimen.

When Should I Use Creatine?

To maintain optimal levels in your body it is best to use it daily on both training and non-training days. It is believed to be most beneficial when consumed immediately prior to, during, or after training. However, the timing on non-training days is likely less important and can be consumed at any time, preferably with a meal. 

The unflavored version we offer is easily added to preworkout or protein drinks.

Why Do Some People Recommend A "Loading Phase"?

Some people suggest taking higher doses than the daily recommended amount when first starting to take Creatine and reducing it after a few days or weeks. However, studies show that after three to four weeks of taking the recommended three to five grams of creatine daily, the body’s Creatine levels are just as high as when higher doses are taken at the beginning.

How Long Should I Use Creatine?

We recommend using Creatine continuously. Studies show that the recommended daily dose of between 3 and 5 grams is deemed safe for long-term use. With this in mind, we offer a subscription option with a 10% discount.

Is Creatine Banned Substance Tested?

In an effort to keep the product affordable while ingredient and manufacturing costs are rising, we have opted out of testing our creatine since it is a 1 ingredient supplement. The creatine is 3rd party tested and verified for purity. Our preworkout is banned substance tested and certified.

Do You Ship Internationally?

We ship worldwide, using USPS as the carrier. There are currently some country restrictions with USPS that you can read about here.

Our products are manufactured in the USA and follow USA regulations. Customs Laws apply and vary for each country. The consumer takes responsibility of abiding by the customs laws as the importer of the goods. Only if an item is seized by customs and returned to us in good condition; we will offer a refund upon the arrival.

Are There Any Adverse Side Effects From Taking Creatine?

Some users report bloating, muscle cramps, stomach discomfort, and or upset stomach while taking Creatine. However,studies show that the adverse effects of Creatine supplementation are almost nonexistent when using ultra-pure Creatine Monohydrate at the recommended dosage with sufficient water intake. In an effort to limit unwanted side effects, we went the extra mile to provide a product that is extremely high quality. Third party analysis shows Dynamic Pursuit’s Creatine Monohydrate to be 99.99% pure! In addition to this, it is run through a “200 mesh” filter, which has (200) openings per square inch, resulting in a very small particle size. As a result, our product is highly soluble and can be absorbed quickly.

Do You Ever Have Discounts Or Sales?

Occasionally we will have sales and discount codes. The best way to stay in the know and get the best rates on any of our products, is to join the VIP text club here.

Can You Use Creatine While Breastfeeding?

Most supplements will have a pregnancy and breastfeeding warning label advising against their use due to lack of studies on this topic. Because of lack of information specific to creatine, we would not recommend this supplement during those times. Consult your physician first on these guidelines if you wish to still use it.