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Our non-stim preworkout formula provides the perfect balance of enhanced muscle volume, focus and endurance that’ll have you PUMPED to hit the gym!


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Stephanie Holder

I have only had the cotton candy & to my surprise, I love the freedom pop flavor almost as much!

Great pre-workout

Great flavor! I like this product as most pre-workout make my stomach hurt. This one does not. As always, great customer service!

Chris Hoffmeister
LOVE this product!!!

I’ve tried other non-stim preworkouts and nothing has delivered like PRIME. My muscles felt strong (and HUGE) throughout my workout and I was able to push harder and longer without worrying about my caffeine intake. A must have for afternoon gym go-ers.

Snow C
So Grateful for a non-stim!

I tried the original preworkout in cotton candy flavor a couple years back which I loved! But now with another young kid and also sometimes working out in the afternoon I am trying to limit caffeine intake. Prime was exactly what I needed. It has just the right amount of tingle and I can feel it working within about 15-20 minutes of drinking it. I felt the cotton candy flavor in this one wasn’t as strong/sweet as the other batch but still very tasty compared to a lot of other mixed supplement drinks I’ve had.

Get pre workout

The taste is good and I found it really helps you with focus and energy to keep going.

RESEARCH BACKED INGREDIENTS for the best pump in the gym.

A natural nootropic that enhances nitric oxide production and blood flow. It allows lactic acid to be flushed out and recycled into energy. As a result, it empowers muscles to perform for a more extended duration, contributing to increases in repetition, reduced fatigue, and bigger muscle pumps!


Backed by over (30) scientific studies, this patented complex of Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate is scientifically engineered to boost Nitric Oxide levels in order to provide increased blood flow and vasodilation to working muscles. Research shows this not only enhances muscle volume to create truly impressive pumps, but also boosts energy, improves mental acuity, and combats muscle damage from intense training sessions.


An amino acid your body uses to produce Carnosine which serves as a physiological buffer to your muscles. This buffering effect helps reduce lactic acid accumulation in your muscles delaying the onset of neuromuscular fatigue, leading to an increase in stamina, sustained power output, and improvements in performance during high-intensity exercises.


A powerful nootropic compound that triggers the production of acetylcholine, a chemical messenger that facilitates neuromuscular interaction. This optimized cell-to-cell communication can create a heightened ability to engage your mind with muscle and movement. Taking advantage of the increased focus produced from this connection can inspire enhanced muscular power output and agility. It also promotes increased production and maintenance of natural human growth hormone (HGH), an invigorating hormone that can contribute to healing, vitality, muscle growth, fat oxidation, and improved body composition.


An osmotic compound that promotes cellular rehydration in and around muscles that contributes to a pump that you can feel and utilize. This can boost power output and capacity to perform anaerobic work leading to better quality reps and greater training volumes resulting in muscle growth.


A highly effective nootropic the brain converts into the neurotransmitters dopamine and adrenaline. These can be used to mitigate the effects of physical and mental stress while performing challenging tasks. It can boost overall mood, improve focus, enhance cognitive flexibility, and reduce mental fatigue while in demanding situations.


Who Should Take Preworkout?

Any adult looking for a competitive advantage to get the most of our their hard work in the gym. Our non stim preworkout ingredients are proven to boost Nitric Oxide levels that will enhance the pump in the muscle belly, to assist in your growth in the gym.

The PRIME formula is designed to aid in better quality reps, greater training volumes, delay the onset of neuromuscular fatigue, and  improve focus.

Why And When to Use A Non-Stim Preworkout?

The combination and ratios we formulated allow you to get the benefits of these ingredients, without the use of stimulants, so you can use this product any time of day!

Our preworkout is designed to be used before a training session. Most athletes enjoy consuming PRIME before they head to gym or during warm up. 20-30 minutes before your first rep is ideal.

Is PRIME Banned Substance Tested?

No. Prime is not certified drug free, but does not contain any banned substances in it's ingredient profile. To keep costs down, we opted out of testing this product, since it is primarily used by bodybuilders, and not by our typical drug tested athletes.

Do You Ship Internationally?

We ship worldwide, using USPS as the carrier. There are currently some country restrictions with USPS that you can read about here.

Our products are manufactured in the USA and follow USA regulations. Customs Laws apply and vary for each country. The consumer takes responsibility of abiding by the customs laws as the importer of the goods. Only if an item is seized by customs and returned to us in good condition; we will offer a refund upon the arrival.

Can I View The Full Label?

Yes! Photos of the full label are found in the store. We believe in full transparency as one of our key values.

Can You Use PRIME while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Most supplements will have a pregnancy and breastfeeding warning label advising against their use due to lack of studies on this topic. Unlike other preworkouts, this product does not contain any stimulants so may be a better choice than others. Consult your physician on your individual guidelines.

Do You Ever Have Discounts Or Sales?

Occasionally we will have sales and discount codes. The best way to stay in the know and get the best rates on any of our products, is to join the VIP text club here.