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Postpartum Return To Weightlifting Program

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Gina Conley, head coach of MamasteFit, & Kristin Pope, owner of Dynamic Pursuits and Olympic Weightlifter, have created a 16-week return to weightlifting program that rebuilds your core and hip stability and strength after giving birth to your baby! This program will give you all of the tools and guidance you need from start to finish to rehab and get back to lifting!

The program start with 6 weeks of rehabilitation focused training, to relearn movement patterns, focus on reconnecting with your breath, and stabilization while building strength endurance. Starting at week 7, the program introduces weightlifting drills to help you refine your lifting technique, gradually working back towards the snatch and clean & jerk.

This program is a 4 day a week strength and conditioning program, for 16-weeks. There are 64 total training days.

This program is best completed with a full gym or home gym set up available.

Requirement equipment:

  • Barbell + Bumper Plates
  • Bench (for Bench Press + Hip Thrusts)
  • Free Weights (Dumbbell and/or Kettlebells)
  • Box (for Step Ups, could use stairs or a bench as an alternative)
  • Resistance Bands (Looped or Crossover Symmetry) + Point of Attachment
  • Mini Band
  • Pilates Ball
  • Pull Up Location
  • Conditioning Machine or Alternative Option (Rower, Bike, Ski Erg, Walking/Running Route)

Optional Equipment:

  • Cable Machine
  • Sled

About our coaches:

Kristin Pope is a two time National Championship medalist in the Snatch, a member of Team USA Weightlifting, and a coach in gymnastics and weightlifting. Kristin is also a certified Sports Nutrition coach with a passion for helping women with their fitness goals during pregnancy and postpartum periods. She became a mom to Scarlett Rose in 2020!

Gina Conley is the head coach at MamasteFit, a strength and conditioning facility focused on prenatal and postpartum fitness training. She has her masters in exercise science, and is a certified birth doula. She has been exclusively training prenatal and postpartum women for the past several years, and has refined her fitness programs to meet the demands of each phase of the perinatal period. Her programming focuses on improving strength and comfort during pregnancy, preparing for the demands of labor, and then recovery and return to fitness in the postpartum period. Gina is mother to two little ones, Adeline and Eoghan. Gina is an Army veteran with a combat deployment to Afghanistan, and now military spouse.

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